Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Folksy Crafter - by SimJaTa

What a lovely day today, far too nice to be working - thats my excuse anyway, all us crafters need a break from time to time, so today is mine. I thought I would share my little verse with you all (dont worry, I wont give up the day job)

The Folksy Crafter

First thing in the morning switch on the PC
Have there been any overnight sales for me?
Next is onto the forums, just for a quick peek
But whilst I am there maybe more goodies to seek
Or perhaps someone looking for a craft from me
Just one more look in ‘fancy a cuppa’ bit
Often the place to find the crafter’s wit

Hours can pass by, watch the crafters at chat
Sometimes wonder how we find time to craft
Busy busy on line to promote
Anyone want to buy a Tote?
Really must get down to some work
Being our own boss is the crafters perk
This next item will be the one to sell
Off the shelf it will fly by the sales fairy spell

Each item made with loving care and design
Why has it not sold yet? Can be heard as we whine
All our items are made to bring in the readies
But sadly the UK has to watch all the pennies
One last plea from the Folksy Crafters here
Come treat yourself on Folksy for gifts to hold dear

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Hope you had a lovely day and a well deserved break!

    As for the verse...well what can I have pretty much summarised how every crafter feels with your lovely words.


  2. Thanks Mick, not a common occurance as you know, just a bit of chill time.

    Thank you for kindness on silly verse.