Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Farewell 2010 from SimJaTa

So, that was 2010 - now its almost over. What a year! It began for me with looming redundancy and the choice of either doing nothing or trying to sort myself out into a 'little business' whilst looking for work. Ended with my 'little business' doing better than I thought, and forget looking for other work. Ok, its tough at times more hours than I thought a day actually had, but no boss to answer too and the rest of the problems that came with it.
These days I start my day with a clean slate of "what shall I create today" and I am loving it.
Take today for instance... first time out in my car for weeks, so a lovely dog walk (see photo of OH with dogs) back home and did some new fabric ordering that was fun, then visit to parents, afternoon doing little else but watching Dr Zhivago and searching for a new washing machine on-line. Yes, I know must do some actual work tomorrow.
Not being able to wait for the new year I have launched my new line of Messenger Bags by "Bags of Swank by SimJaTa", which are a sturdy black canvas with fun fabrics - and more on their way.
As the years go 2010 has certainly been one of the better ones, and I am looking forward to 2011 being better still.

So, that just leaves me to wish everyone a very happy and successful New year and see you in 2011.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa ~


  1. Glad it has all worked out for you and wishing you lots more success in 2011

  2. Thank you Lisa, very kind of you. Hope your 2011 is everything you dream of x

  3. Brilliant that 2010 worked out so well for you, Lynda. Inspiring stuff! Here's to an (at least) equally great 2011.
    Beautiful dogs.
    Kay x

  4. Thank you Kay,
    All the very best for 2011 for you too x

  5. Have a great 2011 Lynda! 2010 has been really good for you and I have enjoyed sharing our achievements, I am so looking forward to what 2011 brings.


  6. Thanks Mick, all the very best to you and Mrs Shpangle, 'cheers' to another year of sharing achievements.