Tuesday, 21 December 2010

All this snow in Southport? Unheard of!

Well, I went out on Friday evening for my annual Christmas visit to my friend, and had to walk home with arctic survival gear and snow chains. Not in my lifetime has there been this much snow here in Southport. I'm told by the neighbours and parents not since 1963, and even then it wasnt as cold as it is now, Crosby registered the temperature at -17 last night!!!
The snow you see in the pictures was from Saturday's walkies, aside from the picture of the park I took this morning when I went out early to view the eclipse, as you can see there was only cloud.
It is now Tuesday evening and we still have the same snow, only difference is some of it is packed down now, but due to the temperatures its just not shifting. We even have icicles hanging from the roof over a foot long!
My car is but a frozen cube, now surrounded in 2 foot of frozen ice - so doing an awful lot of walking with the dogs needing to go out and various other chores.

Even work has come to a bit of a standstill as my craft room has no heating and its been far too cold to spend over a couple of hours in there. Bags of Swank by SimJaTa has been trying to design some new bags for after Christmas, but not much going on really as its simply too cold in there.
Happy to report all my parcels got to their destination before Christmas, even the bags I sent off to Germany arrived at weekend, so thats good news.
So, thats it now till next week as last post went today, although I had already stated in my shops from last Friday no guarenteed post after that due to the weather.

Now left hoping there is no more snow, as my parents are getting very upset they wont be able to make the family meal on the day, its very important to them, and Dad wont drive in this weather. Providing there is no more snow and the OH makes work and back for the next 3 days we can collect them.

Hope everyone is warm and safe, and has a super Christmas.

Look forward to 2011 with lots of new ideas, and new venue's planned for Bags of Swank by SimJaTa.


  1. the doggy pics are brilliant! my cats are scared of the snow LOL

  2. Great picture of the dogs but I hope things ease off for you so your parents can make it OK. I've spent all afternoon making a snowman with the kids and my back is killing!

    Have a great Christmas and New Year!


  3. Hi there, love the doggy pictures, Linda x

  4. The pics are great! The top three dogs look like they're loving the snow and the fourth one just looks a bit baffled! Lol!

  5. Thanks all.

    Dizzy, the fourth one always looks baffled:) we look forward to the day he grows a brain.

    Lynda x

  6. Those dogs are sooo cute!
    Yay for your parcels getting to their destination! That's always a worry for me.