Wednesday, 24 October 2012

New Blog Info

FINALLY - I have started
MY NEW BLOG having changed direction somewhat, I decided a new one would be a better idea. So, if you have an interest in health matters and good food please do pop over to here MY NEW BLOG and continue to follow me. If not, thank you for following me and to those who bothered.. thank you for the comments.

I am not sure yet whether I am keeping this blog or not.. wait and see how it goes but I will be too busy to continue reading you all from here, I have always read all the blogs and often commented, those who follow me to my new blog this wont change - but I simply dont have the time to follow both lists, and all the other social media etc. As you see I also spend a lot time in the kitchen now - above is the single most delicious stew, by Sally Bee - this was last nights dinner and will be the first recipe to be added to my recipe page on the new blog (its should have been my peppers but I deleted the pics by mistake), I do need some practice at food photo's I know.. but all the food we eat these days is good wholesome food, and I will be sharing some of this on the new blog.

Also, the months I have spent on general health reseach will be shared - if this interests you, this is the place to be MY NEW BLOG In time I will be holding interviews with some fascinating people I have met along the way and their life stories, of how a simple change of lifestyle has helped them with their health. For a fun approach I am doing my own illustrations, I noticed there was a fair few health blogs about but none with their 'own' illustrations, and not as many here in the UK that are not associated with HUGE companies and famous folks.

All that remains to be said again is thank you for your support, especially to Mick from Sphangle who has been fabulous when I often felt I was babbling away to myself. It is very likely due to my change in direction that Bags of Swank will be closing in April next year, the Etsy shop will be open till February 2013.. not sure about after that. The link remains on the right of the page, there is also a link on my new blog for the time being.

I wish you all well for your futures, and hope to see at least some of you at my new blogspot, would be great to keep up.

Lynda xxx


  1. Popping straight over to your new blog now and looking forward to not only keeping in touch but great inspiration from you and your food!!


  2. Thank you, nice to see you ... and I will miss reading the blogs I was so used to reading.

    But, change is good and I am enjoying my new blog, just need some more hours in the day to update it as regular as I would like, have plenty of content ready just not the time to lay it all down. But, no rush...