Monday, 15 October 2012

My First Bread

Some of you have already seen this on FB, but do not know the story behind it. I think I have mentioned already that due to health issue's I have been forced to learn to cook, and start to eat 'real' and healthy foods. This has lead to an awful lot of discoveries... I noticed today one of the members of my team on Etsy has had to avoid Soya and already found out just how many foods contain Soya we were not aware of. One of the main foods is Bread, have you ever looked on the ingrediants list on your supermarket bread? probably not.. neither had I until recently. In my quest to avoid all things processed Bread was next on the list, so I proudly started to purchase the wholemeal healthy bread with popular names and great adverts. Until I read what was actually in them!!! Worse than that one of my best friends is a veggie, her lovely Soya and Rye bread was found to contain some very unhealthy 'E's for a veggie. So, on this discovery it was a choice of awaiting the next farmers market to stock up on Artisan bread or learning to make my own, of course to buy this stuff is not cheap and quite rightly as it is made from quality ingrediants by hand. Luckily I found my Mum had two breadmakers she no longer used (yes, I know who does that?) so I have one, and the other is earmarked for my veggie pal. All looked very scary and complicated to me, but with the husbands help yesterday, I braved it, now do bare in mind that not so long ago boiling an egg was a challenge. I DID IT!!!! I made my own bread, it looks a bit wobbly but it tastes fantastic, its actually Organic too, I devoured some today with organic butter and cherry jam. Last night we had free range chicken, with spicy potatoes and a stack of organic veg from my local organic shop.. as usual far too much for the two of us, so tonight we are having a very delicious smelling chicken soup... Can you smell it cooking?


  1. Scrummy! I try not to look at ingredients on food because it scares me to much. My wife has started watching a series on TV where they look at what really goes into our food and drink and from what I have seen it isn't very nice at all!

    I would love to do the organic food thing but a lot of it is so expensive isn't it. We find it difficult to cope with the weekly shop as it is.

    Home-made bread sounds good though, not only is it gorgeous to eat it acts as a great air freshener too!!


  2. Mrs Shpangle is quite right to be watching, it is very scary indeed.
    It depends on were you shop, at the supermarket 'some' of the organic items are only a few pence more and I find I am saving by not buying processd foods, but I recently found my very own local organic farm shop are cheaper than the ordinary veg sold at the supermarket, and what I cant get there I get from the local farm shop round the corner.
    Home made bread is another saving too, as well as improving health.

    I am hoping to be starting a new blog on the subject, hope Mrs Shpangle will join me there:)

  3. that looks deliciousness Linda, I love homemade bread....unfortunately bread is a no-no on my diet...but hopefully one day I can eat it again, and isn't it just beautiful still warm from being baked....oh my mouth is watering....

  4. Thanks Sharon, sorry to hear you cannot eat bread. Not so sure it should be on my diet just now either, but given up so much of late just cannot let the bread go too.. not yet.