Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fabulous Giveaway

Yes, you must get excited - not only am I doing a blog post midweek, but its for a giveaway, which can be found here GIVEAWAY You may remember I am a member of Effy Wild's Book of Days which I joined to teach me about Art and Art Journalling, I joined back in February and still there and still loving the group, Art Journalling and the teaching. I am now in the Premium group too. I have learnt a lot from Effy and met some fantastic people from across the globe. I am also on my Book of Days volume 5 now as it is a daily practice. There are 6 amazing prize packages in this giveaway, the one I would like to win more than anything is a place in "Life Book 2013" which is a year long journal class with amazing arty tutors, including our own Effy Wild, I believe "Life Book 2012" was totally amazing, sadly I never have enough available funds to join but would so love to win a place, or if any of my readers wanted to treat me for Christmas:) Other prizes include some fantastic hand bound journals, something else I would love, and a place in one of Effy's courses called 'Boot Camp' I dont need this one as being in the premium group I have almost completed this one, but it is a truly fabulous course if you want to learn everything about Art Journalling and various mediums to use, how they work, all about paints and inks... and so much more, I havent finished yet so cant tell you anymore. Anyone with art interest must go take a look, or maybe any friends who havent but might like to win it for me!!! LOL. I have already but a link on my FB page, and last night I ventured into Twitter for the first time in over a year. Here is that all important link again GIVEAWAY KEEPING EVERYTHING CROSSED!!!!

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  1. WOW, That is a huge giveaway! Hope you win a few of the prizes :)