Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Give up Smoking? more research needed.

OK, I promise I will shut up about this after one last post on the subject. Nobody is disputing that smoking is of course bad for the health - we all know that. However, once you are many years in.. is it actually 'GOOD FOR YOU' to stop? I'm not so sure it is.

Now, of course I am not medically trained so this is merely my own OPINION and by no means fact. I was told by a friend today, she had gone to the chemist to collect her 'Champix' (drug to aid giving up smoking) the chemist asked her how she was getting on and if she had any other health issues, seems the chemist husband gave up a couple of years back and has experienced gum problems ever since, this she said is due to the change in circulation after giving up the smokes, which can increase the blood flow around the gums.... interesting?

Giving up smoking is one of the most stressful things you can do, this is a known fact - what is not known is the amount of stress related illness's that can then attack. One of my closest friends her late husband started with ulcerative colitis after giving up smoking the specialist asked what had happened that was stressful in his life... that was it.

My Grandmother started with lung problems 'after' giving up smoking at the age of 60, ok you can say it was the smoking that caused it... again perhaps more research is needed.

Perhaps what needs looking into is 'how' we give up the weed? maybe like other drugs it needs to be done more gradually rather than a date and sudden stop? which is more or less what I did, my friends hubby and my grandmother. It does make sense when you think of the side effects of for example stopping anti-depressants outright, these need to be gradually phased out. Also any other 'hard' drugs need a period of withdrawal, so perhaps the same is true of cigarettes?

Food for thought... just sharing my own experiences, and as I said I will shut up now and get on with my new healthy lifestyle. I am going to be investing in a smoothie maker, I am so excited - read all the information, and I will soon be bouncing around a vision of perfect health (so it tells me, LOL).

To finish today's waffle here is this weeks painting, this one is called 'HAPPY PLACE' as I am now back to were I should be.


  1. Thank you for an interesting and thought provoking subject. I think that there comes a time at a smoking person's life that reflection and awareness sinks in and how they realize that they don't need to attach themselves to smoking anymore because they have a self realization about the root cause of it. Giving up smoking is very inspiring only when the person is ready to give up and it's the right time, and that goes hand in hand with how they lead their lives. If self realization isn't there, and they are only giving up for giving up or other's expectations then it will come back to haunt them, it's like a lesson that is reversed only to highlight why they gave up in the first place. If a person is not aware and unconscious about their decision then something will trigger and an experience will give them the opportunity to show them that now is the time to make a conscious decision about it. Also during these experiences, withdrawal symptoms are common where the body starts reacting differently because it is not used to not having smoke in the body. It takes a while for the body to adjust to it all, and the realization and awareness of a person's choice also plays a great part in this.

    Good luck with the smoothie maker. I am a juicer here and have been for a few years, raw/vegan lover. :)

    Love your painting, it is beautiful and continue to wish you much love and happiness in all that you do :)

  2. The body must go through all kinds of stresses giving up smoking so it isn't surprises that illnesses develop. I heard that coming off cigarettes is harder than coming off heroin!

    You are doing so well and I love your 'Happy Place' picture!