Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Not just sewing by SimJaTa

Its not all about Tote Bags, Folksy and what the latest Bags of Swank by SimJaTa news is, now is it? Though sometimes it may well feel like it.

So, time for a break and smell the roses - I wish! In the few luxurious moments of spare time I do like to get about with the 'real' camera. Not much opportunity in the colder darker days, but spring is on its way.. really it is... cant be long surely?
Today has been all about spring cleaning, not I have not turned into Mrs Mop, the carpet fitter has 'finally' managed to slot us into his busy schedule, and as its hall, stairs and landing rather a lot of upheaval to prepare for his visit, so the enitre area is now spotlessly clean (aside from daughters bit, which hopefully is an improvement at least). So, not much available time left for the new Art Deco Tote Bag I will be creating soon, I ended up looking for a photograph and stumbling across some of my attempts. Shame, before I ended up walking 5 dogs at once a day the camera used to be with me at all times, which is how I managed to catch the lovely robin above. These days dog walks are full of apologies until I can teach my wayward Labrador to behave better, never the time or chance of free hands for photography.
Nights will be lighter soon though, so OH and I can start to sneak off for the odd evening and enjoy some quieter moments. Perhaps even a visit to Mere Sands again to chase that elusive kingfisher we keep trying to photograph.

Mmmh, as my next post will no doubt be Folksy Friday, might have given me and idea for this weeks topic. See you then, have a good rest of week.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa ~


  1. Ha ha. I love it - we both had the same idea for a blog post today. I did mine on roses too. Can't wait for the warmer weather just like you, and the lighter nights. Oh, I just can't wait. I love spring and summer.

  2. it is my fav time of year, when everything comes to life! love the pic of the robin :)

  3. Thank you x

    Spring and Autumn are my faves' not a huge fan of summer, the heat does not like me - but then only a couple of weeks last year, so no complaints:)


  4. Great pictures and the Robin is lovely...just makes me wonder what it was thinking?


  5. Love spring, there is so much coming to life it makes me all enthusiastic. I can almost smell those roses :)