Monday, 28 February 2011

Bags of Swank by SimJaTa - Blog Giveaway

To Celebrate my 50th sale on Folksy, and my first year as Bags of Swank by SimJaTa I am giving you the chance to win your very own 'Bags of Swank by SimJaTa' bag.

Nothing too complicated, simply leave a comment below naming or linking your 3 favorite bags from the shop on Folksy (link to shop at side of page), why you like them would be great too but not necessary.

The winner will be drawn by number generator on the afternoon of Sunday 6th March 2011, and the prize will be the bag of your choice from my Folksy shop (hopefully one of the ones you have chosen - if not already sold. Only one entry each please.

Its been a good year, not only do I sell on line with my Folksy shop, but also stock 4 shops, which hopefully will soon be 5, fingers crossed. I am now picking up more custom orders too, customers are enjoying choosing their own fabrics and some using their own photographs printed onto cotton and incorporated into their choice of colour designs.

Looking forward to viewing your choices, and Good Luck.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Oooh, great giveaway, but a really tough call!

    My favorites are:
    the tote bage with the fish because it's bright and funky (and I really like the fish print :) )
    The tote bag with the mice - because you so rarely see fabric with mice on it!
    and the VW tote bag in your sold items as they are very funky :)

    Congratulations on all your sales - very well deserved! sarah x

  2. Woo Hoo! I have been looking forward to you doing a blog giveaway Lynda!

    It is a really hard choice (and I am trying to put myself into my daughter/wife's shoes) and think they would go for:

    Cats totebag (because my daughter loves cats)
    Elephant totebag (because my wife loves elephants)
    Psychedelic messenger bag (because I am a psychedelic kind of chap).


  3. Hi I love your spring flowers in watering cans. This bag just makes me feel spring and warm.
    Calicocats tote bag. I like cats and colour o this bag iuits me fine.

    Canvas messenger bag with sophisicated cats. This bag is so much un. I love the charcters of the cats.

    Just love your bags.


  4. Watering cans



  5. Oh yes please I love your bags
    phychadelic messanger
    chocolate lab 'cos I've got one
    gorilla 'cos mum loves them.

  6. Love this spring bag as there is a spring revolution starting in my garden

    The cat messenger as I love the stylish fabric

    and as I love daffodils and yellow.

    I'm in need of a new bag to carry my music around in as a carrier bag isn't eco friendly or stylish!

  7. Well, my choices are, in no particular order:
    I love the elephant print on this shopper, really unique.
    This would be so much fun with a personal photo on, (got just the one in mind actually...)
    you've gotta love those ladybirds!!

  8. My favourite has to be the spring flowers something very monet about it

    Then the mini ladybirds because they're so cute

    and finally the mini fish because I could see myself taking it to the beach


  9. I love your bags and I have chosen as my 3 favourites I love the colours and the homely feel to it This is lovely especially for St David's Day

    And this is the one I love the best of all 3 I love this because it reminds me of Spring and sunny days

    Good luck to all

  10. Oooh great giveaway Lynda!
    My favourites are these:
    Psychedelic Messenger bag
    Calico Cats Messenger bag
    Black Cats Messenger bag.
    Because they're all really cool! :)
    Zoe x

  11. Congratulations on your successes :)

    My three choices would have to be:
    Cats on Motorbikes Tote Bag ( because it would make an awesome gift for my friend Kate.
    Mini Tote Bag with Ladybirds (
    Because small is beautiful and I love ladybugs.
    Tote Bag with Daffodils (
    Because it would be fitting for shopping in Wales ;)

  12. Thank you so much for the entries and comments so far. Realised I had not put a time on, so have decided to close at 8pm tomorrow and announce winner then.

    Much appreciate your taking the time to comment.
    Good Luck, I wish you could all win!

    Lynda x

  13. What a great giveaway, hadn`t seen this before, almost missed it.
    I love the Seal maessenger bag. I know it`s a reserved one.
    The Spring Flowers Tote,
    and the Elephant Tote.
    It was very difficult as they are all so beautiful. Love the retriever ones too as my daughter has a retriever.
    Oh have just realised I missed it from the date above. Only just spotted it on the forums. Linda

  14. Entry from Chris on my FB account (as she cant post here it seems)

    My 3 favourites at the moment are, the red roses, and spring flowers tote bags - I'm weary of the dull, grey, drizzly weather we've had for so long here, so love the colours and promise of spring and summer; the third, the loving frogs bag - another promise of spring, and it makes me laugh! My two all time favourites are here with me - my lavender sprigs bag, and the one with the photo of my two hounds on the front

    Chris Thorpe

  15. Just enjoyed a very nice mooch around your shop and opted for these three :)
    Because I have a black cat very much like this one:
    This one also feeds my cat addiction :)
    Just a very cute design:

    Fingers crossed, Liz

  16. I like your black cat messenger bag best, very stylish, then I like the daffodil one, nice and cheerful, and then I like the one with the elephant on as its colourful and unusual, Millie

  17. What a lovely and generous giveaway.
    I love your bags, as you know, and my sister-in-law loves the bag I gave her from your shop for Christmas.

    It was so hard to choose three faves, but narrowed it down with difficulty to these three:
    Tapestry Tote Bag, featuring nature design
    Messenger Bag with Black Cats
    Mini Tote Bag with Ladybirds

    The reason being I love the colour combinations and wanted to choose three differing designs.

    Good luck everyone, but I hope I am the winner! LOL!

    Natalie x

  18. Fab giveaway!

    I love all your bags!

    I love your Christmas totes. Missed them last year - too busy buying your scarves lol!

    I really like the Black Cats Messenger bag.

    My fave is the Spring Flowers tote - giving hope that Winter is nearly over thank goodness!

    Dottie x

  19. My three favourites are just because I love spring flowers just because the colours appeal to me and
    because I love watching the birdies:)

  20. Now CLOSED.

    Thank you for all your wonderful comments and entries, the winner will be announced shortly.

    Lynda x