Sunday, 23 September 2012

Animal Magic Day Out

My goodness, seems its almost a whole month since my last witterings. I'm not really doing so much that can be chatted and photographed of late, I am learning to cook 'real' food, which at the moment is Indian food, learning all about the herbs and spices, and eleminating all processed food from my diet. Anyway, thats the boring bit. Today we had a break from everything and visited our local wetlands, 'Martin Mere' for their 'Animal Magic' weekend. Believe it or not at my age I had never seen real OTTERS, so what a treat this was.. and just how cute are they? there are actually about another 80 pictures but I just shared these two.
Our next favourite was the MEERKAT enclosure, I didnt say it - honest, though it was really tempting.
There was a number of owls on show for us from the nearby sanctuary, here are just a few I managed to capture.
Lastly this ugly duckling, who's Mum is the Black Swan, another very cute moment.
One of the most important things we did whilst there, was chatting to the local Badger Protection Group was to sign the culling petition. They had a young Badger with them, these animals are adorable.. I will never understand man's intent on murdering the defenceless. We really should go here more often, not been for two years and its only 20 mins away, we are even members and supporters so it doesnt even cost us to go. Hope you had a great weekend, I'm off to cook tea now.. tonight its something simple, just spicy scrambled eggs with rice.


  1. Wonderful pictures, especially the owls! I don't know what it is but I have only discovered recently that I find it incredibly hard to look at an owl in the eyes, my little boy adores them though and can watch them for hours!

    Wish I could taste your food...authentic Indian food is my favourite by far!


  2. Thanks Mick, my Mum loves owls too.

    You would love it here then, I think I am getting quite addicted to this food and its really not that difficult either. I have quite a few friends here cooking now too, just mention cooking Indian to people and they either have a book to give you, or they will try it themselves.